Warrior Power Cage Pulley Smith Machine w/ Jammer Arms (Optional)

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The Warrior Power Rack Cage Smith Machine Pulley Multi-Functional Trainer allows you to have freedom of movement in any direction or plane while performing weight resistance exercises. These power rack unrestricted exercises are designed to move the way your body naturally moves. Our Smith Cage Rack features many of the freestanding exercises that incorporate core, secondary, and stabilizing muscles, giving you a more efficient and thorough workout.

The addition of the built-in Smith Machine enables you to take your squats to the next level while also strengthening both upper and lower body through presses, lunges, curls, and more.

Warrior Strength Equipment has done it again, introducing the new Smith Power Cage System total package. The Warrior Smith Cage Power Rack Pulley System is the newest addition to the Warrior Strength Equipment home gym family. The Smith System offers an array of exercises for the person who is looking for a complete and balanced workout.

  • *Optional Jammer Arms
  • *Optional Leg Press

Warrior Power Cage Pulley Smith Machine Multi Trainer w/ Optional Jammer Arms - Features & Specs



    Warrior FT500 Features

    • Compact 58"w x 38"d perfect for any room
    • Accessories and Chin Up Included
    • 2:1 cable ratio for smooth action and a greater range of motion
    • Accessory Hooks and mounted book describing over 70 exercises
    • Quality built and warranted for light commercial and home use.
    • 2 x 200lb Weight Stacks


    • Excellent Surface Painting Finish
    • Smooth welding
    • With CE and ISO9001 Certifications
    • Top Quality Steel Tube Q235
    • Steel tube size:50mm x 50mm x 3mm
    • Original Unique Design
    • Thickness: 3mm after painting


    • Barbell Twist
    • Standing Chest Press
    • Barbell Seated Press (Optional)
    • Barbell Squat
    • T-bar Boat-Barrow
    • Barbell Bent-Overrow
    • Barbell Twist
    • Standing Chest Press
    • Barbell Seated Press
    • Barbell Squat
    • T-bar Bent-Overrow
    • T-bar Twist
    • Lateral Raise
    • Decline Pectoral Fly
    • Flat Pectoral Fly
    • Incline Pectoral Fly
    • Back Torgue Line
    • Standing Biceps Curl
    • Push Down
    • Squat
    • Parrallel Bars Support
    • Pull Up
    • Back Pull-down