Smart Foldable Rowing Machine with APP Kingsmith WR1F

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The Kingsmith's patented 3-fold rower offers you a great opportunity to enjoy the soul-enriching exercise of rowing comfortably at home. This exquisitely designed 3-fold rower takes care of most challenges facing the currently available rowers, especially the bulkiness and weight of the current rowers thus letting you enjoy the rowing experience anytime, anywhere!

Less space and more durability solve all the issues of the water rower. The Kingsmith water rower was specially designed to ensure easy access and movability. Our new rower occupies no more space than the average 26-inch’ suitcase, which makes it easy to carry!

After the pandemic,  more people choose to work from home, causing reduced access to public gyms, Our rower machine offers users a great alternative. We are talking about an amazing exercise gear that is both elegant and does not take too much space in your home or office. Now, you can give yourself a boost anytime, anywhere, and maintain that perfect shape you desire even while spending time at home with your loved ones.
Rowing is amazingly one of the few exercise routines where nearly all your muscles are fully engaged, as it stimulates most of the major muscle groups — including your lats (latissimus dorsi), upper back (rhomboids), quads (quadriceps), hamstrings, core, biceps, and forearms.
What most people don’t know is that rowing is even ahead of other common exercise methods, such as running, cycling, and doing cardio on the elliptical machine, especially for upper muscles that are often neglected.
While designing the Kingsmith water rower, we noticed that one of the biggest concerns is its size. We also saw a lot of complaints about rowers being dumped away in the garage or in the basement eating dust; To change that situation, we re-designed this rower for users to exercise anytime, anywhere!     
With the wheels in the rower, you can easily move it around, imagine rowing in your garden, hearing the birds singing, and smelling the fresh fragrance of the morning grass.
The Kingsmith water rower with 3-fold technology guarantees the portability of the rowing equipment and now you can put the rower in the car and take it anywhere you want.
One of the main issues for rowers is hard to store, even the ones offering solution of mounting to the wall, which has many risks, especially with kids and elders around.
This machine is built to last and also provide you with the best rowing experience just like you would enjoy in the water, we re-designed the rower from toe to toe by adapting the following technologies.
Our glass fiber paddle has many benefits compared to current market solutions, see details in the chart.    
The above examples to make the best of the rower machine, with additional elastic and other accessories bands you can certainly explore more ways to work out with our versatile rower.
Our WalkingPad has been effectively used by many customers for recovery from exercise injuries, which inspired us to design this no-impact water rowing machine. Thus, we believe the Kingsmith rower not only continues to offer the journey of a lite exercise lifestyle but also boosts your mental well-being through the meditative sound of the water rowing.
Exercise doesn't have to be hard work but rather a new lifestyle! At Kingsmith, our aim is to help as many people as possible enjoy this new lifestyle of a convenient exercise routine. With Kingsmith products like the WalkingPad and rower, you can get into the Lite No-Impact exercise lifestyle conveniently in your home or office.


Basic Info.:

  • Brand Name: Kingsmith
  • Model No.: RMWR1F
  • Color: Dark Brown
  • Frame Material: Wood (Ash)
  • N.W.: 66.1 lbs /30kg
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 81.1 × 19.7 × 22 inches /206 × 50 × 56cm
  • Storage Dimensions LxWxH: 28.3 × 19.7 × 22.8 inches /72 × 50 × 58cm

Product Info.:
  • Resistance Mechanism: water
  • Number of Resistance Levels: /
  • Transportation Wheels: YES
  • Max User’s Weight: 265 lbs/120kg
  • User Height Range: 3.9 to 6.6 feet /120 to 200cm
  • Water capacity: 13.65L
  • Pedal area: 13.6 × 4.2 inches /34.58 × 10.66cm
  • Rail type: dual track
  • Seat height: 11.2 inches/ 28.5cm
  • Dual track length: 46.1 inches /117cm
  • Pulse Testing: /
  • Control Mode: Resistance can be adjusted by the amount of water.
  • Display Size: LCD DISPLAY

More Features:
  • Water Bottle Holders: N/A
  • Towel Holders: N/A
  • Phone/Tablet Holders: YES
  • USB-C charging port for devices: N/A
  • 3.5 mm headphone jack: N/A
  • Speakers: N/A
  • Apps for iOS and/or Android Devices: /
  • Training Classes: /
  • Live Stream Interactive Classes:N/A
  • 3rd Party Apps Connection: /
  • Report: RoHS

For Business Buyer:
  • G.W.: 75 lbs /34kg
  • Packing Dimensions LxWxH: 30.9 × 20.7 × 24.4 inches /78.5 × 52.5 × 62cm 
  • Unit CBM: 0.256
  • Container Loading Quantity (20’/40’/40’HQ): 84/180/240
  • MOQ : 1