Prepacked 5-50lb Rubber Hex Dumbbell Set (Set of Pairs)

Sale price$249.90

Fitness Solutions Manufactures top quality Virgin Rubber Hex Dumbbell. We use the purist materials to ensure the longest lasting Dumbbell on the market. Backed by a 5-Year warranty.


Dumbbell Specs

Handle | Stainless Steel  

Handle Diameters | 3 – 20 LB 25MM / 25 – 50 LB 35MM

Hex | 6 Sided 

2x 5lbs, 2x 10lbs, 2x 15lbs,  2x 20lbs, 2x 25lbs, 2x 30lbs, 2x 35lbs, 2x 40lbs, 2x 45lbs, 2x 50lbs