GOROWINGO Natural Rowing Machine with S4 Monitor

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Material: Oak Wood

The GOROWINGO is handcrafted with high-quality oak wood, the rowing machine provides a realistic rowing experience.

Wood is an excellent material. Sound and vibration are absorbed, enhancing the machine's smooth, silent operation. As with all water rowers, the Oak features patented WaterFlywheel technology, which replicates the resistance of on-water rowing.

Rowing is one of the most effective forms of whole-body exercise because it works your arms, legs, and core at once. Fitness your own levels and goals, or read Rowing tutorial to light your idea up.

Tips: A phone holder is installed in the front, so you can watch your favorite sports game while exercising.

Assemble Tutorial

We are here to help you assemble your water rowing machine. It could be easy to assemble your fitness equipment after you read our assembler tutorial.

Keeping your health goal and spending more time with family is important to you. Read our assembly introduction to learn everything you need to know about assembling.

Assemble tips

It is important to know how many materials are required for assembling a water rowing machine. And then, follow our user manual(You can download pdf version here) in your package or the Tutorial video we prepare for you.

Assemble material

GoRowinGo water rowing machine parts
A - Rails x2

J 5mm Allen Key x1

B Tank Assembly x1

K 13mm Wrench x1

C Seat x1

L M8 Washer x16

D Support Plate x1

M M8 Nut x8

E Footboard x1

N M8 Nylock Nut x8

F Siphon Pump x1

O M8x45 Bolt x8

G User Manual x1

P Handle Rests x2

H Transport Wheel x2

Q M6x65 Bolt x2

I JCB x4

Need to know

  • Excessive exercise can even be fatal if consumed suddenly. Taking it step by step. If you feel any pain or dizziness during exercise, stop exercising.
  • Do not touch the sliding belt while the machine is in use. Do not put your fingers into the belt hinge.
  • If you have any questions about assembly, maintenance, operation, or any other aspect of this rower, please Contact us directly

Rowing Tutorial

Here, you will learn how to safely and effectively train yourself. Hope you have already assembled your water rowing machine, if you haven't yet, you can read Assemble tutorial. Thanks for choosing our fitness equipment, it can help you stay healthy and spend more time with your family.

Rowing Tips

An endurance exercise, rowing requires you to coordinate your arms, legs, and core to create a smooth, repeating motion. Finding a sustainable rhythm and proper rowing technique are crucial to getting the most from your rower. Here are five easy steps to keep a sustainable rhythm as a circle.

Five steps

  • Catch
  • Drive
  • Finish
  • Recovery
  • Catch

Read the table below to know more detail about the 5 steps.


Hold the handle with your thumbs pointing down, keeping your arms at shoulder width.
Start in the catch position with your knees bent, back straight, and torso angled forward comfortably
Use your legs to drive the first part of the stroke. Keep your arms straight and swing your torso back slightly at the end of the drive. Do not overextend your knees.

After swinging your torso back, finish your stroke by bringing the handle up to your lower ribs.

Recover by straightening your arms, tipping your upper body forward, and then using your legs to return to the catch position.