Cybex R Series Treadmill

Sale price$559.90
Style: Basic R series Treadmill with 50L console

Designed for facilities looking to provide intuitive cardio equipment focused on results for exercisers. Rooted in the Cybex history of effective cardio equipment, but with an appealing look and innovative features that cater to exercisers driven by results. Includes a powerful 8 horsepower peak motor, an Interval Training Zone and wireless connection to help facility owners better manage their equipment.

 - IS4 Intelligent Suspension System matches the mechanics of running— soft upon landing, firm in the middle and rigid at toe-off.
 - Interval Training Zone allows for easy speed changes for runners.
 - Cybex Service Wheel (optional) allows the treadmill to be moved easily during equipment rotation and routine maintenance.
 - Standard internet connection provides detailed equipment use information, exerciser insights, preventive maintenance alerts and more.
 - Two console options:
70T Console includes on-demand workouts, integrated TV, touch screen, and an enhanced exerciser experience.
50L Console offers simplified interaction and a bright LED display.